Perfume Lab - Create your own fragrance

When you enter the Perfume Creator page you will start with:

Step 1 –choose a perfume family as the heart of your creation or choose a free creation.

If you choose a perfume family as the heart of your fragrance you then personalise the perfume with your own selection of ingredients in Step 2. The heart will represent half of the creation and the personalisation the other half.  The heart is created by a professional perfumer ensuring a more balanced composition. For the more advanced creative perfumers we can suggest the free creation option which will be the selection of ingredients made in  Step 2.

Step 2 – you will see a list of ingredients on your left, and the ‘Perfume Circle on your right.

By clicking on the + sign next to an ingredient you will add that ingredient to your perfume - the more you click or the longer you hold the button down - the more ingredient you will add. If you want to reduce the amount of any ingredient just click on the minus sign (-) next to the ingredient.

Your perfume creation is finished when the scent strip guage to the left of the perfume circle reaches the top. At that point the perfume circle will be completely full of colour and the perfume will be complete.

When you roll your cursor over an ingredient the odour description of that ingredient will appear. This will help you decide which ingredients you would like to use. The odour description also tells you if that particular ingredient is a Top Middle or End note. Remember that a perfume should have all three notes in the formula to ensure a good performance throughout use.

You will see that each ingredient is associated with a colour. The more of an ingredient you use the more you will see that colour appear in the Perfume Circle. In this way you actually see your perfume take shape as you design it. As a general rule - the darker the colour the "heavier" the odour of that particular ingredient.

For the free creation option have a look at the examples we have offered for different types of perfume families & moods. Click on the perfume family/mood you are interested in, read the general guidelines we give and use the suggestion as a start point for your own ideas

When you’ve finished designing your perfume give it a name and click on the order button. Follow the instructions and we’ll do the rest.

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